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iPhone Battery Draining While Charging: Why It Happens and How To Solve It

One of the most frustrating things about owning a phone is waking up to discover it didn’t charge at all. In some cases, you might even notice your iPhone battery draining while charging. When you find a phone losing charge while plugged in, it’s time to take a closer look at what might be causing the issue. This […]


iPhone Battery Virus Warning and What To Do About It

Understanding what an iPhone battery warning might mean is important before you take any action. When a pop-up on your phone warns you that something might be wrong, take a moment before you start to panic. Why? Sometimes, the iPhone battery virus warning you see on your screen might actually be a virus itself. Scams find their way […]


How To Calibrate iPhone Battery in 5 Easy Steps

Like most new tech today, Apple devices run on lithium-ion batteries. While reliable, these will start to wear out and not hold their charge as effectively over time. Do you sometimes find it hard to get an accurate read on your battery’s charge? To address this issue and more, you would want to learn how to calibrate iPhone […]


Can I Bring a Power Bank on a Plane?

These days, it’s hard to imagine how anyone ever got by without a smartphone in their pocket. Our reliance on gadgets is ever-increasing as these advanced mini-computers take over more and more tasks from our hands. In line with this, our need for a portable power bank to top up our device’s battery throughout the […]


How to Choose Power Bank for Your Devices

We’ve all been in situations where we wished our electronics never ran out of battery, especially in an emergency. Knowing how to choose power bank is essential for your convenience and safety. Luckily, there are devices that can give our phones and tablets extended battery life whenever it’s needed. Once you get an idea of […]


How Do You Know If Your Portable Charger Is Fully Charged?

Portable chargers are a massive convenience considering how essential all of our devices have become to our everyday lives. Not having a charged mobile device can mean being out of the loop from important updates, being unable to communicate with family and friends, and many other instances ranging from mere inconveniences to larger problems. It […]


How Do You Charge a Power Bank? Power Bank 101

Having a power bank is almost considered a travel necessity in today’s world. Very few people can fathom traveling without a charged cell phone or tablet. What’s more, many of us work online, so having charged devices to access the Internet is essential. Most people do some form of Google searching to determine where to […]


Can Power Bank Charge Overnight?

Depending on the model you’ve chosen and how it’s manufactured, leaving it to charge overnight can be safe, but with other units, it might not be.

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