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iPhone Battery Draining While Charging: Why It Happens and How To Solve It

One of the most frustrating things about owning a phone is waking up to discover it didn’t charge at all. In some cases, you might even notice your iPhone battery draining while charging. When you find a phone losing charge while plugged in, it’s time to take a closer look at what might be causing the issue. This […]


iPhone Battery Virus Warning and What To Do About It

Understanding what an iPhone battery warning might mean is important before you take any action. When a pop-up on your phone warns you that something might be wrong, take a moment before you start to panic. Why? Sometimes, the iPhone battery virus warning you see on your screen might actually be a virus itself. Scams find their way […]


How To Calibrate iPhone Battery in 5 Easy Steps

Like most new tech today, Apple devices run on lithium-ion batteries. While reliable, these will start to wear out and not hold their charge as effectively over time. Do you sometimes find it hard to get an accurate read on your battery’s charge? To address this issue and more, you would want to learn how to calibrate iPhone […]


My Charge Portable Charger Review

With the rise of technology, there is nothing worse than your device being low on battery or even dead when you need to use it.  Whether you’re spending hours in the airport, you’re on a long road trip, or you just want to keep your phone and tablet charged for when you need them while you’re […]


Blackweb Portable Charger Review

The ability to have a portable charger available to you at all times is incredibly convenient.  Whether you have a packed day filled with phone calls or you simply find yourself on a long road trip where you’re stuck on your phone playing games for hours on end, having a charging bank makes a huge difference […]


Anker PowerCore 20000 Review

Since most of you can agree that they do spend quite a few hours a day in front of a screen, it’s crucial to make sure that your devices have plenty of power to get you through the day. A power bank is a small device that stores power for you to charge up devices, such […]


Tzumi Mini Max Charger Review

Having your mobile devices charged is crucial in this day and age since you don’t want to be left with a low battery and nowhere to charge your device.  Thankfully, there are portable charging banks that make this task easier than ever before. Today we will look at one of the many options available on the market […]


Pocket Juice 20000mAh Review

With cell phone use at an all-time high, it can be really crucial to have a portable charger available at all times. A portable charger is necessary for ensuring you don’t run out of battery power when you need it most. With it, your phone can stay charged for important activities such as talking on the phone […]


Blackweb Portable Charger 5200 Review

If you are like everyone else, you use your smartphone every day. You also likely use it for critical functions, such as making phone calls, responding to messages and emails, and following GPS. Given that you use your phone or tablet for really important tasks, you want it to be and stay charged. To do so, you also […]


Best Solar Power Banks of 2023: Complete Reviews With Comparisons

From daily commuters and adventure seekers to worried parents, everyone loves solar power banks. These gadgets bring peace of mind in a time when people depend on rechargeable devices more than ever. It’s also a little leap forward in our efforts to be more sustainable. Those who want or need to go off the grid no […]

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