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How Long Does a Cell Phone Battery Charge Last?

It seems that no matter where you go, everyone has a cell phone in their hand. It isn’t just for making phone calls, but it also serves as a way to quickly message someone, to play games, and even to complete online banking. Given how popular cell phone use is and how crucial it is to plenty […]


How to Check the Battery Life of an iPhone

iPhones seem to run out of battery pretty quickly. This is a problem which many iPhone users face, and they seem to drain more than any other brand. The good news is that there are ways to fix this rather than merely getting rid of the phone for a new model, and in most cases, […]


Top 10 Cutest Power Banks 2023

If you want to charge your phone and don’t have an outlet, a power bank is a great solution. Why not opt for a power bank that is cute and shows off your personality? If you like video games, dogs, or something unique, a trendy and cute power bank is a great accessory for your […]