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Blackweb Portable Charger Review

blackweb portable charger review
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The ability to have a portable charger available to you at all times is incredibly convenient. 

Whether you have a packed day filled with phone calls or you simply find yourself on a long road trip where you’re stuck on your phone playing games for hours on end, having a charging bank makes a huge difference to your life.

In this Blackweb Portable Charger review, you’ll get product information that you’ll need to know before spending money on this charger. 

With honest pros and cons, you’ll have a complete guide to one of the top-selling device chargers on the market.

Blackweb Portable Charger Review

The brand Blackweb is a trademark from Walmart and is exclusively sold in their stores, online, and from trusted retailers. 

It was established in the fall of 2015 and best known for creating computer peripherals and electronic accessories that make consumers' lives easier.

The Blackweb Portable Charger is a rectangle device that you charge up in your home or office, and you can take it with you to keep your other mobile devices, such as cellphones, tablets, or wireless headphones, fully charged.

Many people find charging banks incredibly convenient for long days of travel or just to keep on them if their phone battery is running low. 

Imagine you’re going to a concert, and you spend a lot of your phone battery on taking photos, capturing videos, and making memories to look back on later. 

If, after the concert, you need to call a ride share service to get home, what would you do if you didn’t have enough battery left?

This is where the Blackweb Portable Charger comes in as a lifesaver.

Who Is This Product For?

There are plenty of technology products out there that can be very confusing to learn how to use, especially if you don’t have much experience. 

Whether you have a kid who wants a charging bank to play endless hours of mobile games or you’re a grandparent who wants to be able to Facetime each grandkid before your plane takes off, you’ll be able to get the hang of using a portable charger.

The only person who wouldn’t benefit from using the Blackweb Portable Charger is someone who doesn’t use electronics, which is something to keep in mind if you’re considering purchasing this as a gift. 

Something else to note is that even if someone already has a charging bank, there’s nothing wrong with having another so that you can keep one in your purse and one at the office.

What’s Included?

Another thing that sets the Blackweb Portable Charger apart from other electronic items on the market is that you won’t get a box filled with a million things to put together.

Depending on where you buy the product from, you’ll likely just get a set of instructions and the charging box itself. 

With that said, you will need a few things in order for you to use this product successfully. 

It does come with a one-foot long USB-C to USB-C cable, along with a USB-C to USB-A cable.

Something to note is that there isn’t anything to charge the bank with, so be sure to follow one of the other options:

  • If you have a micro USB cord at home, you could plug one end into the charger and the other into a laptop to charge the box.
  • Your other option would be to use a USB cord and a wall cube to charge it using a wall outlet.

Overview of Features

You may be wondering what makes this product so great compared to all of the other options on the market; here’s what we think sets this product apart.

For starters, it can charge products nearly four times faster than most chargers, saving you time and allowing you not to use up all of the juice in the charger in one charge. 

When the Blackweb Portable Charger has a full battery, it has the power to charge an iPhone 7 up to five times!

This specific version comes in a blush pink color and finished with a durable aluminum wrap that prevents the charger from being easily scratched or scuffed up.

Another amazing thing about this product is that you can universally charge things like a MacBook, a cell phone, a tablet, headphones, or even a Nintendo Switch.


  • Charges devices quickly
  • Small and compact
  • Has an aluminum wrap finish
  • Can be used universally 
  • Too expensive


  • Weighs nearly two pounds
  • Needs a wall cube or USB port to charge itself
  • Doesn’t come in a variety of colors

How to Get the Most Out of It

There isn’t too much that you’ll need to get the most out of the Blackweb Portable Charger.

One of the only things that will make your experience using it a bit better is to make sure it’s fully charged before you head out the door. 

If you want to see an unboxing of a Blackweb Portable Charger, check out this one that talks all about the x2 5000MAH model.


Many people who choose the Blackweb Portable Charger do so because of what you get for the price. 

However, if you want to stay in the inexpensive price range but don’t want to get the Blackweb Portable Charger, the KMASHI Portable Charger is worth checking out.

It has a lot of the same qualities as the Blackweb product, such as the capability to charge different devices quickly, but at an even lower cost. 

While it’s cheaper and weighs a little less, it’s important to note that the KMASHI Portable Charger is a bit bulky.


Having the Blackweb Portable Charger ready is a great way to make sure that all of your devices stay charged for when you need them. 

With this, you don’t have to break the bank to get a high-quality product that does exactly what it claims to do.

After a thorough Blackweb Portable Charger review, overall, we find that this is a fantastic charging bank that can save you from missed conference calls and will keep everything all charged up during long flights or cross-country road trips!

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