Best Power Banks for Travel

Best Power Banks for Travel

Best Power Banks for Travel
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Thanks to mobile devices, you can always be connected, especially when you have the best power banks for travel. For your safety and convenience, having a fully charged smartphone or tablet is essential. If you happen to run out of battery, a power bank is the number one item to have on you.

The top two of our suggested power banks are Transportation Safety Administration approved for carry in cabin baggage (carry-on baggage) on flights. If you are asked by the TSA agent relating to the safety worthiness of your powerbank, illustrate the Wh rating. TSA and other flight safety agencies permit power banks less than 100Wh, (that is a smaller amount than 26,800 mAH).

Below are three top-rated power banks that will give you the peace of mind you need while traveling.

Best Power Banks for Travel: A Closer Look

1. ROMOSS Portable Charger

Instead of worrying about finding a power bank that is adaptable to your specific smartphone, the ROMOSS Portable Charger makes charging devices simpler. It’s cross compatible with both iPhone and Android phones, giving you access to a reliable source of power anywhere in the world.


  • Built-In Cable

The first feature of this power bank that you’ll love is its built-in cable. Instead of dealing with a variety of charging cables, everything you need is built into the unit. This also helps to make it much easier to pack and keep track of while on the road.

  • Wide Charging Compatibility

The ROMOSS Portable Charger comes with a lightning adapter for your Apple devices as well as a micro USB charger for your Android phones. All you have to do is switch the different adapters depending on the device you need to give power to.

  • Three Charging Ports

There are three ports on the side of the power bank that you can use at the same time, making this device ideal for people traveling in a large group. With 10,000 mAh of power, you can get four full charges for iPhones, two full charges for Samsung Galaxy S9 phones, or a single full charge for an iPad Mini 2.

  • 10,000 mAh Charging Capacity

This power bank has nearly double the amount of charging capacity compared to other portable power sources on the market. You’ll find that keeping all of your devices at 100% will be much simpler with the help of this device. In addition, this is important for people who are traveling with more than one person.


  • Provides a lot of power
  • Charges MacBooks
  • Fully charges in under six hours


  • Might not be allowed in carry-ons
  • Does not arrive with instructions


2. myCharge Adventure Portable Charger

Compared to other power banks on the market, this model is surely designed for all types of travel. With plenty of fantastic features designed for both indoor and outdoor use, it will quickly become your most reliable safety net for all of your electronics.


  • 20,100 mAh of Power

The most notable feature of the myCharge Adventure Portable Charger is the amount of power that it’s able to store. With 20,100 mAh, you’ll easily be able to power anything from a MacBook to an eReader. You’ll also receive several charges for your mobile devices.

  • Three Charging Ports

There are three ports on the unit that you can use for charging multiple devices at the same time. You’ll find two USB-A ports and a single USB-C port.

  • Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0

When you’re traveling, you won’t want to have to worry about waiting for your devices to get charged. Luckily, this power bank is equipped with Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0, which delivers the perfect amount of power to your devices in far less time.

  • Rugged Design

Even if you bring this power bank outdoors, there’s a lot to keep it protected. It is splash-proof and drop-resistant, as well as dirt-proof. You’ll love bringing it with you while camping or hiking without having to worry about any damage from weather.

  • Built-In Carabiner

To make the myCharge Adventure Portable Charger much easier to bring with you on your travels, it comes with a built-in carabiner. You can easily attach the power bank to your harness, backpack, or even your belt.

Moreover, you can also use the carabiner to attach other essential items, such as your keys, to any bag you are using.


  • Ideal for air travel
  • Has built-in smart charging
  • Gives more than four full iPhone charges
  • Slim and compact


  • Takes a while to charge fully
  • Not ideal for charging multiple devices


3. AC Outlet Portable Power Bank

AC power banks have become more and more popular as they give you the ability to charge a variety of devices, especially if they don’t use USB charging. The AC Outlet Portable Power Bank is no exception, as it is very convenient and will charge absolutely anything you’re traveling with.


  • 31,200 mAh Capacity

Compared to the other two power banks on this list, this model has far superior capacity at 31,200 mAh. You’ll easily be able to charge a wide variety of devices with a single power bank. For example, you can fully charge a 12-inch MacBook nearly two times.

  • Compact and Lightweight

For the ample amount of power inside of the unit, you’ll be surprised at how convenient and easy it is to pack. Its slim and lightweight design makes it ideal for all types of travel.

  • Universal Compatibility

There’s plenty to use to your advantage when charging devices with the AC Outlet Portable Power Bank. It features a 17W USB output as well as an 18W Type-C output. There is also an AC-100W output for larger devices that need a wall socket for charging.

  • Included Accessories

Aside from the main power bank, you’ll also receive all of the accessories needed to charge your devices. You will receive one micro USB cable, a Type-C cable, and a detailed user manual.


  • Fully charges a phone in 30 minutes
  • Perfect for large families
  • Has a built-in fan to prevent overheating


  • Not as portable as other models
  • Cannot be moved while in use


The Verdict

Our final recommendation for the best portable power bank chargers for travel is the myCharge Adventure Portable Charger. Compared to the other two devices, it has superior performance and is designed specifically for travel. With a highly resistant casing and the ability to quickly charge your devices, there’s not much else you will need. On your next road trip, adventures cruise or international plane ride you shouldn’t fear anymore to run out of battery power.

As an alternative, the AC Outlet Portable Power Bank is a more expensive option but is highly recommended for travelers with large devices, such as laptops. Although it is not as portable as the myCharge power bank, it boasts a lot of power and is ideal for when you’ve reached your hotel after traveling.

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