Best Power Banks: Complete Reviews With Comparison

Best Power Banks: Complete Reviews With Comparison

Best Power Banks
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Imagine a world where you would never have to worry about your smart devices running out of charge. Instead of asking your friends and family for a charger or watching your phone shut-off at two percent, you can choose to invest in one of the best power banks today.

These unique devices are designed to hold extra charges for your electronics so that you never have to worry about dealing with dead batteries again. Below are five awesome options for the best power banks that will keep you fully charged while on-the-go.

Top 5 Best Power Banks Comparison Chart

Anker PowerCore 20100

Anker PowerCore+ Mini, 3350mAh Lipstick-Sized Portable Charger

Aibocn Power Bank 10,000mAh External Battery Charger

Ainope 10000mAh Portable Charger

Omnicharge AC/DC Portable Power Bank

Best Power Bank Reviews

1. Anker PowerCore 20100 Power Bank: Best Power Source for Dual Charging

The Anker PowerCore 20100 Power Bank has the typical appearance of a regular power bank with its slim and straight design. With 20100mAh of power, you will have a reliable charge no matter where you are.

Product Highlights

The most notable highlights of the Anker PowerCore 20100 Power Bank include:

  • High Charge Capacity

You will find that with this power bank, you can charge your iPhone up to seven times and your iPad mini four times. It also works with Samsung devices, and it can charge the Galaxy S6 up to five times.

  • Power IQ and VoltageBoost

With the combination of these two technologies, you will be able to recharge your devices faster. The power bank also recharges itself faster with its two-amp charger (up to 10 hours).

  • Certified for Devices

The Anker PowerCore Portable Charger has been fully certified and declared safe to use for all smart devices.

What's to like about the Anker PowerCore 20100 Power Bank: Best Power Source for Dual Charging

When appreciated the fact that the Anker PowerCore Portable Charger has two charging ports that you can use at the same time. This allows you to not only charge your own phone but a secondary device or a friend’s device as well.

Moreover, you’ll also like how small the Anker PowerCore 20100 Powe Bank is, though it’s slightly heavier than other power sources on the market. It easily fits into pockets or purses for quick charging while away from home.

What's not to like about the Anker PowerCore 20100 Power Bank: Best Power Source for Dual Charging

We wish the Anker PowerCore 20100 Powe Bank came with a wall adapter. This is so that you could choose to charge the power bank via an outlet rather than with a USB cable.

There is also the possibility that one of the ports will stop working entirely. However, you can contact their customer service for a quick replacement unit. Another downside is that compared to other power banks, this model doesn’t charge a dead phone to 100% as quick.


  • check
    Slim design
  • check
    Two charging ports
  • check
    Power bank charges quickly


  • Charges dead phones slowly
  • Faulty port design
  • Not available with wall adapter

2. Anker PowerCore+ Mini: Best Power Source for Backpacking or Hiking

Designed to be much easier to pack in tight spaces, the Anker PowerCore+ Mini gives you 3350mAh of charging power in a compact unit. Equivalent to the size of a lipstick tube, this power bank is useful for quick every day power boosts for your smart devices.

Product Highlights

The most notable highlights of the Anker PowerCore+ Mini include:

  • PowerIQ Charging

With the help of PowerIQ technology, you will be able to give your phone a quick boost with charging speeds up to one amp.

  • Extremely Compact Design

As mentioned, the Anker PowerCore+ Mini is the size of a lipstick tube and weighs just around three ounces. This makes it ideal for taking up less space in your pockets or traveling bag.

  • Ideal for Backup Charging

The Anker PowerCore+ Mini isn’t recommended for charging your phone from zero to 100%. However, it can get your device to up to 80% in a single charge.

What's to like about the Anker PowerCore+ Mini: Best Power Source for Backpacking or Hiking

As you can tell, the Anker PowerCore+ Mini is great because it can easily be used without having to pull out a large external charger.

It’s also built relatively well for such a small unit, thanks to the aluminum casing that prevents damage from accidentally dropping the charger. We also found that it’s a great device to have on you while you’re backpacking or hiking, as it’s very lightweight.

What's not to like about the Anker PowerCore+ Mini: Best Power Source for Backpacking or Hiking

Even though the Anker PowerCore+ Mini is adaptable to Apple products, it doesn’t ship with a lightning cable, just a standard to micro USB charger. You will have to buy your own Apple charging cable in order to use the power bank, which is a large inconvenience.

We also didn’t like the lack of power that the Anker PowerCore+ Mini offered. Unlike other power banks that will charge your phone multiple times, this device only holds a single charge and may only bring your phone to 80%.


  • check
    Small and compact
  • check
  • check
    Heavy-duty construction


  • Poor charging quality
  • Doesn’t arrive with a lightning cable

3. Aibocn Power Bank: Best Power Bank for Device Protection

With a more modern and technological appearance, the Aibocn Power Bank could be a better option for someone looking for superior charging power. This unit puts out up to 10000mAh, giving you more than enough charging power for multiple devices or for multiple charges.

Product Highlights

The main features of the Aibocn Power Bank include:

  • Anti-fingerprint Finish

If you’re the type of person who likes to keep their electronics clean, you will appreciate the anti-fingerprint casing on the Aibocn Power Bank. This keeps the power bank looking brand new.

  • Double USB Port Charging

There are two USB ports on the unit: one for two-amp charging and another for one-amp. You can easily charge your phone and any other device simultaneously.

  • Built-in Intelligent Protection

To avoid overcharging, over-discharging, and over-voltage or current, the built-in intelligent protection on this power bank was added to keep your devices safe.

  • Built-in Flashlight

In emergency situations, you can easily access the backup flashlight that is built into this power bank from Aibocn.

What's to like about the Aibocn Power Bank: Best Power Source for Device Protection

With the Aibocn Power Bank, you can get up to four full charges depending on the percentage of battery your device has and the USB port you use. We also appreciated how it took our phones to full charge using the two-amp charging port at least twice.

Unlike other power banks, the Aibocn Power Bank holds its charge throughout the day, which is comforting if your phone always ends up dying quickly than it should.

What's not to like about the Aibocn Power Bank: Best Power Source for Device Protection

The main issue with the Aibocn Power Bank is that their build quality varies. We found that some customers received perfect units and others had to contact customer service for charging issues and port issues.

Also, while the flashlight is useful for emergent situations, it might not turn off once it’s turned on, which will drain the battery for when you need it. You might also find that the charging ports will get loose the more often you use the device, causing them to charge slower or stop charging altogether.


  • check
    The anti-fingerprint coating keeps it clean
  • check
    Charges quickly with two-amp port
  • check
    Holds it charge


  • Variable build quality
  • Charging ports become loose

4. Ainope Portable Charger: Best for Fast Charging

If you’re in the market for a power bank that will be useful for traveling, the Ainope Portable Charger is a great option. Designed to fit into the palm of your hand, this is a power bank that you can pack in your luggage for air travel or keep in your pocket while commuting.

Product Highlights

The most interesting features of the Ainope Portable Charger include:

  • Lightweight and Compact Body

The Ainope Portable Charger is designed to weigh less than three eggs. It is also compact enough to slide into your pocket, which is why it’s a great traveling companion.

  • Reliable Charging Power

With 10000mAh of charging power, you can get up to four charges for newer iPhones and approximately two charges for iPad Minis.

  • Charge and Recharge Function

You will be able to charge your devices at the same time as the power bank is charging. Although it might take a little longer, you can rest assured that you will have all of your devices at 100%.

  • Intelligent Charging

The Ainope Portable Charger will determine the fastest charge speed for your device and will automatically put out the right amount of power.

What's to like about the Ainope Portable Charger: Best Power Source for Fast Charging

The main feature that we like the most about the Ainope Portable Charger is the fact that you can charge your devices while the power bank is charging. With most other devices, you can only do one or the other.

We also liked how easy to use the unit was even without instructions. With its intelligent charging feature, our devices were at 90% in under an hour. Another thing you’ll appreciate is the LCD screen, which gives you a digital reminder of the charge left in the bank.

What's not to like about the Ainope Portable Charger: Best Power Source for Fast Charging

The main downfall to using the Ainope Portable Charger is that you have to use the included cables with the device. Recharging the power bank took over 10 hours with our personal cables, but with the manufacturer cables, it was less than four.

Aside from that, we also found upon arrival that the power bank was a bit larger than advertised, which made it more difficult to pack.


  • check
    Convenient charging options
  • check
    Easy to use
  • check
    Added charging indicator


  • Requires OEM cables
  • Larger than advertised
  • Difficult to pack

5. Omnicharge Portable Power Bank: Best Power Source for Versatility

As the most robust portable charging device on this list, the Omnicharge Portable Power Bank is fantastic for anything from smartphones to laptops. This also means that it’s far larger than other units, but it does pack a more powerful punch to allow for multi-device charging.

Product Highlights

The main characteristics of the Omnicharge Portable Power Bank include:

  • Multiple Charging Options

Not only will you have access to two USB charging ports, but this unit is also equipped with AC/DC outlets.

  • 20400mAh Charging Capacity

With the ability to charge regular smartphones up to nine times and the ability to charge a MacBook Air to 100%, you will have more than enough power to keep all of your devices alive.

  • FAA-approved Design

The Omnicharge Portable Power Bank is fully built to meet the specifications of the FAA. This means that you can bring it with you on airplanes.

  • Real-time Charging Data

With the OLED screen built into the unit, you can take a look at different real-time power statistics. It’s also built with intelligent charging so that each device gets the optimal charging speed it needs.

What's to like about the Omnicharge Portable Power Bank: Best Power Source for Versatility

Above all else, the main thing you will appreciate about the Omnicharge Portable Power Bank is how it covers every base. With this power bank, you will be able to charge any electronic device that you own at least once, even laptops.

We also appreciated how the power bank charged to 100% in around four hours, which makes it easy to prepare before a trip.

If you’re someone who likes knowing the metrics of your charging devices, you will also love the OLED screen on this device because you’ll have precise statistics for each gadget. You’ll also love how easy it is to switch between charging settings with or without instructions, making it simple to use while on the go.

What's not to like about the Omnicharge Portable Charger : Top Power Bankfor Versatility

Unfortunately, the Omnicharge Portable Power Bank isn’t designed to charge larger equipment as fast as a regular outlet. You will find that a laptop can take a couple of hours to get a half charge.

We also expected the unit to come with wireless charging, but upon arrival, it did not have wireless charging capability built into it. Finally, due to its larger size, it’s not as easy to pack in luggage as other power banks on the market.


  • check
    Versatile charging options
  • check
    Clearly displays charging metrics
  • check
    Simple user interface


  • Charges large equipment slowly
  • No wireless charging
  • Larger in size


Most people think that power banks are a dime a dozen. However, the truth is that there are plenty of features to take note of. When choosing the right portable charger, you will want to consider things such as the number of ports and the style of the case.

Each feature is important as it will help to make sure you’re buying something you’ll use for years.

USB Port Quantity [2 to 4]

The vast majority of power banks will offer two or more USB ports for charging, and depending on the number of devices you travel with, this is important to think about.

On average, you may only need two USB ports at most, as you can charge your phone and tablet at the same time. However, if you’re traveling with a larger group, you may want to consider a unit with three to four ports.

Power Capacity [200000 to 500000mAh]

In most cases, the power capacity that you will receive from a portable power bank will range between 20000mAh and 40000mAh. This is especially true if you’re looking for a unit that can slip into your pocket or backpack.

When you get into the power range of 200000mAh and up, you’ll be dealing with much bulkier units that are too heavy-duty for everyday devices. To keep your smartphones and other smart devices with a healthy charge, 20000mAh to 40000mAh is recommended.

Case Style

Similar to any other type of technology, there are different styles that you can choose from when looking for power banks. Ideally, you’re going to want to choose a case style that is compact but is also easy to keep clean.

In addition to that, protective cases are also important. Since you’ll be using the device on the go, you won’t want it to become damaged if it accidentally falls and hits the ground.

Safety Features

The vast majority of power banks need to meet certain safety specifications to protect your devices. It’s always important to make sure that the charger you’re interested in has been certified to protect the batteries from overcharging or undercharging.

You’ll also want to ensure that the device won’t get too hot while charging, as this can cause fire hazards.


The main idea behind power banks is to create a portable device that can easily fit into a pocket or a bag. However, with the sea of choices available, you will find that they come in a variety of different sizes.

First, think about how you will be using the charger. If you plan on putting it in a laptop bag, you can work with larger models that measure bigger than the palm of your hand. If you want something to fit into a pocket, then you’ll need it to be quite small and compact.

Power Bank F.A.Q's.

Are power banks allowed on planes?

Power banks are surely allowed on planes. However, they could be inspected by TSA while traveling. As they are a relatively popular type of technology, they’re rather noticeable, but TSA will just have to confirm that it is what it appears to be.

How long to charge power bank 20000mAh?

The length of time it takes to charge a 20000mAh power bank depends on the power of the charger you’re using. In most cases, a two-amp charger is recommended, and this delivers two amps of charge per hour.

On average, a 20000mAh power bank can take up to 10 hours to have a full charge, though there are technologies that some units have to cut back on the charging time.

Are power banks safe for iPhone?

As mentioned, it’s important to confirm safety ratings when you’re buying power banks. Most models are certified for smartphone batteries, so you can charge anything from iPhones to Androids safely.

What does a power bank do?

Power banks are designed to be a backup charge for mobile devices while traveling. These unique devices hold power so that if your phone is dying, you can plug it in for a charge. Recommended for emergent situations or protecting yourself while away from home, they’re quite useful.

How to use power bank for the first time?

Power banks are designed to be user-friendly, which is why they are so popular. If you’ve never owned one before, learning how to use them should take a couple of minutes. If you have a particularly complicated model, it’s recommended that you read your owner’s manual before use.

Most other power banks require the following steps:

  • Step 1: First, upon arrival, plug your phone into the power bank so you can drain the entire battery.
  • Step 2: Once the power bank is dead, use the manufacturer’s cables to plug it into an outlet or a USB-charging device until it’s at full power.
  • Step 3: Store the power bank in a safe place until you need to recharge your phone or tablet while on the go.
  • Step 4: When charging is needed, choose whether you want to use the one- or two-amp charging port (two amp is faster). Then, plug your device in using a USB cable. Once your smart device is charged, unplug it from the power bank.


It’s now time to figure out which of these five is the best among the best power banks. Taking several characteristics into consideration, we have concluded that the Omnicharge Portable Power Bank is easily the best model that you can get your hands on.

The first feature that is the most impressive is its charging versatility. Not only will you be able to easily keep your smartphone and/or tablet at full charge, but your laptop as well. With AC/DC charging ports and USB charging ports, you have full control over managing all of your devices.

We also appreciate how the unit provides real-time statistics and metrics based on the items you’re charging with the device, which is useful for technical-minded users.

Above all else, the Omnicharge Portable Power Bank is far more powerful than any other power bank on the list. You won’t have to worry about being unable to charge your phone to 100%. With the ability to charge smartphones up to nine times, you’ll have more than enough power while traveling.

The only downside to the Omnicharge Portable Power Bank is that it’s far more expensive than the other units, but it’s well worth the investment. We also found that due to its large charging capacity, keeping the power bank at full charge can take a while.

You will have to take several hours out of the day before your departure to make sure the power bank is fully charged. If you need a power bank that is going to last over the years and still be reliable, the Omnicharge Portable Power Bank is your best option.

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