How Do You Know If Your Portable Charger Is Fully Charged?
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How Do You Know If Your Portable Charger Is Fully Charged?

How Do You Know If Your Portable Charger Is Fully Charged?
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Portable chargers are a massive convenience considering how essential all of our devices have become to our everyday lives. Not having a charged mobile device can mean being out of the loop from important updates, being unable to communicate with family and friends, and many other instances ranging from mere inconveniences to larger problems.

It is important, therefore, to make sure your portable charger is full before you leave the house. Nevertheless, the question remains, how do you know if your portable charger is fully charged?

Why Get a Portable Charger?

Portable chargers have become a staple of many people’s lives and are considered a necessity for many travelers. They range in size, charging capacity, and price, and there are also many different kinds of portable chargers developed for all kinds of needs.

If you are an avid camper or hiker, you might need to consider investing in a portable charger with large battery capacity and a frame that is built to withstand the rugged outdoors.

If you are a backpacker traveling around, you might be interested in a portable charger that is lightweight, but with multiple charging ports.

Maybe you are just a daily commuter who needs to be connected to your device throughout the day for work purposes. In this case, there are many lightweight, small, and affordable options that will satisfy this basic need.

What Comes with My Portable Charger?

Portable chargers come with the battery pack itself, a user manual, and the cables necessary for charging your portable charger and a device or gadget. This cable is usually equipped with both a standard-size USB and a micro USB.

If you have an iPhone, you will need to double check to see if you will need an adapter to charge your iPhone with your portable charger.

Depending on which charger you get, your portable device might be equipped with multiple charging ports, a flashlight, or other features specific to what your portable charger is going to be used for. Ensuring you get a portable charger compatible with your lifestyle is essential.

How Do You Know If Your Portable Charger Is Fully Charged?

Different portable chargers have different specifications to let you know whether your charger is fully charged. Many portable chargers have LED indicator lights to let you know whether your charger is full.

Sometimes, there are multiple lights on the side of the unit itself indicating the actual battery life remaining in your portable charger. These lights will turn off one by one as the battery on your portable charger loses power. Other times, there is one light that will just blink when your battery is running low. At this point, it is important to get your device to a wall plug to ensure it does not die.

To tell if your portable charger is fully charged, check to see if all of the indicator lights are on. If your portable charger does not have charging indicator lights, you can look up in the manual provided to see how long your specific device takes to charge.

The manual should provide you with the correct information regarding the charging times. However, these charging times may fluctuate if your portable charger is plugged into another device instead of a wall outlet.


Keep in mind that the larger the battery capacity on your portable charger is, the longer it will take to charge fully. This is another reason why it’s important to consider what your portable charger will be used for.

If it is used for daily commuting, it may be wise to get a smaller portable charger as it will take less time to charge the battery fully. On the other hand, if your lifestyle requires a larger portable battery with a longer lifespan, be sure to take into account that this portable charger will take longer to charge fully.

What Affects Charging My Portable Device Properly?

There are numerous different factors that contribute to whether your portable charger is being charged to its full potential or not. Here are some of them:

  • Using the proper charging cables provided with your portable charger can maximize its charging capacity. Just like any device, using generic chargers can slow the charging process and may create potential problems with the battery’s retention of charge.
  • Making sure to charge your portable battery only when it is low is also recommended as charging when your battery still has life in it can cause it to charge slower in the future.
  • In addition, it is important to make sure you do not overcharge your battery. Overcharging can cause your battery to overheat, which can cause the battery to swell and create serious problems for your portable charger and potentially even the devices plugged into it.
  • Knowing the time it takes to charge your portable charger is very helpful. It is a piece of essential information to have in order to be sure that your portable charger functions as effectively as possible.
  • When researching which portable charger to invest in, check to see if it has LED indicator lights, as this is the easiest way to ensure your portable charger is not only fully charged but also does not stay on the charger for too long.

How to Choose the Right Portable Charger

Now that you know the basics of portable chargers and how to properly charge them, it is time to embark on the journey of researching and purchasing your very own.

Portable chargers are useful, convenient, and arguably essential for certain lifestyles. Those who already own them often swear by them and feel their packing is not complete until their portable charger is safely stowed away among their other possessions.

Be sure to check to see if your device has safe charging capabilities including LED charging indicator lights and a self-turn-off mechanism for when your device is fully charged.

If you have your portable charger plugged in and the lights turn off, it most likely means your it is fully charged and has shut itself off to conserve energy and prevent the battery from overheating. If you suspect this is the case, simply turn on your portable charger or plug a device into it to check to see if the indicator lights are fully lit.


Having a portable charger is a great investment and now that the question of, “how do you know if your portable charger is fully charged” is answered, you are ready to get out into the world and purchase your very own!

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